80’s Costumes Ideas – Draw Inspiration from Madonna

80’s Costumes Ideas – Draw Inspiration from Madonna
If you’re looking for a standout pop icon in the 80s to mimic in terms of 80’s costumes and fashion, Madonna is definitely in the top list. This Halloween, you can’t find a better celebrity to dress like than Madonna. This iconic star inspired other top celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. Whether it is Halloween or party, you can be sure of grabbing the most attention by dressing in Madonna’s fashion style.
The best part is that you don’t have to break the bank to come up with irresistible Madonna styled dressing. In fact, you can create Madonna Halloween or Madonna costumes with clothing items you already have at home or purchased affordably from your local thrift store.
Dress Like Madonna in the ‘80s
This type of 80’s costumes to replicate Madonna‘s outfit is intended to mimic her concert wears. Put a tank top or black halter over a short black skirt. Wear fishnet stockings or short leggings under. Torn-up jeans can provide the same look if you can’t lay your hand on a black skirt.
You also need to adorn your arms for the Madonna in the 80s look. So, wear fingerless gloves – elbow-length and black in color. Complement the look with silver and black bracelets stacked on your wrists. Adorn your neck with long, multiple necklaces. For your feet, put on black sneakers with black leg warmers, or black ankle boots.
Making Up Like Madonna in the 80s: To complete the Madonna in the 1980s look, you need to wear heavy makeup. Line your eyes heavily with black eyeliner, alongside blue eye shadow. Use eye pencil or black eyeliner to include a beauty mark above your mouth. Wear a heavy red lipstick. When it comes to pimping your hair to achieve a Madonna’s look, wear a blonde, curly wig and adorn it with a black large bow.
Madonna Like a Virgin
If you want something different from Madonna for the 80s costume, you can rather choose the Madonna like a virgin dressing. This fashion trend was immortalized in the 1980s when she released her racy music video.
It is not hard to emulate this 80’s costume. A quick way to begin is to get a white skirt and pair it with a buster-type white top. Alternatively, go for a white one-piece bustier skirt.
Wear fingerless elbow-length white gloves and adorn each wrist with tons of bracelets. Wear as many long necklaces as possible and assorted patterns. Get a smokier eye look by using heavy black eyeliner to line your eyes alongside dark eye shadow.
And, don’t forget to include a bit of beauty mark with eyeliner, just above your mouth. For a messy curly hair just like Madonna’s, crimp your hair earlier, perhaps the previous night and add generous hairspray prior to the party. You can buy a blonde curly wig instead and use a colorful large bow on the hair.